Buccal Midazolam Training Workshop

The aim of the course is that students develop a greater understanding of epilepsy and are instructed in the administration of the Buccal Midazolam medication. The students will be observed and tested throughout the day; successful delegates will be issued a certificate of attendance. The one-day programme entitled Epilepsy Awareness and the Administration of Buccal Midazolam is delivered as an open or in-house course.

Course Content:

  • What is epilepsy?
  • Causes of epilepsy
  • Diagnosis of epilepsy
  • What is a seizure?
  • Types of seizures
  • When to call an ambulance
  • Seizure triggers
  • Recording seizures
  • Epilepsy Care Plan
  • What is Midazolam?
  • How Buccal Midazolam works
  • Advantages of Buccal Midazolam
  • Potential side effects
  • Protocol
  • Indications for use
  • How to prepare Buccal Midazolam
  • Practical demonstration


On successful completion of this training workshop, candidates will be awarded a Certificate of attendance.

The course is delivered through a combination of classroom-based tutorials and practical training.

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